Don't Let the Heat In!

I was in a customer’s home today looking at their front door they need replaced. As is necessary, the customer and I were walking in and out of the door looking all that needs to be replaced. It was of course a hot June day and keeping the front door open as we looked around caused the customer’s wife to finally chime in with “Shut the door. You’re letting all the heat in!”

Just as those words came out of her mouth I thought, “She gets it!”.

You see, I grew up in Atlanta hearing “Don’t let the cool air out! Shut the door!” or “I’m not paying to air condition the whole neighborhood!”. But rarely do people seem to realize that even though an open door or window will let cool air escape, heat is coming into your home at a much quicker rate than it would if the door or window was closed.

That’s why thermal windows and doors work to not only keep you warmer in the winter but cool in the summer. Properly insulated windows allow heat to come into your home at a much slower rate. Think about what your single paned or aluminum windows are doing to keep heat out? Nothing!

So if you’re looking to cut down on the AC costs this summer, think about whether or not your windows are helping or hurting your insulation. Keeping the heat out can really help you win that battle.