Quick Tip for May- Stay Cool

Spring is in full swing and summer is just around the corner. You may be enjoying the mild, keep-your-windows open weather we’ve been having lately but if you’ve lived through an Atlanta summer, you know it’s gonna get HOT. And if you’re really looking to stay cool, here’s a quick tip to help fight those humid Atlanta summers.

While it’s still early spring, there are some easy things you can do now to to help keep your home cooler, fight back against rising energy costs, and lower your AC bill.

Here’s one quick tip to help you stay cool-

Turn off the AC and turn on…

A portable fan!

While you’re hanging out in one room for a while, to watch TV, grab a cup of coffee and read a book, or work on your blog, grab a little fan and prop it up near by.

Or just turn on the ceiling fan for a little while. In either case, if you can reduce the amount of energy used by AC units, which not only consume high rates of energy but emit a lot of C02 gases.

So there’s a quick little way to cut down on using up a ton of energy this summer and stay cool. We encourage you to open your windows too but if you can’t get them open, we’ll be glad to help there too!

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