Reason #2 To Replace Your Windows

In my previous post I talked about why it’s so important to get away from single paned windows: The energy factor.

Today I’ll discus one other major reason that homeowners are calling us to replace their windows.

Wood rot is an issue many homeowners deal with and if not addressed soon enough, the problems can become exponential.


However, when you replace your rotted wood windows you can end up with a two fold solution. Non rot windows as well as a Lifetime Warranty.

The non rot windows you can have installed come either in PVC or vinyl. Now basically speaking, PVC and vinyl are the same type of material but you want to be sure you’re getting either paintable PVC or vinyl. A paintable PVC window will never rot yet still provides you the option to change colors later on if you’d like. With a vinyl window, you get a window that is both non rot, never needs paint and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Most window replacement specialist will not only provide you with a new non rot window sash but either cap or replace the trim wood on the outside of the window unit (ie. “brickmold” “sills” and “nosing”) so that those elements too will never rot again. Furthermore, a window good company will be sure to provide you with a full lifetime warranty to ensure that you not only have non rot windows but that additionally you will never experience sill damage or seal failure.