Save Energy, Stay Cool

Last month, I discussed a quick and easy way to keep cool and save energy by using an oscillating or portable fan.

For June, here’s another tip to help you keep cool without cranking on the AC so much in the summer time. And just in case you think we’re well into summertime we got until June 21st before it’s official.

This tip isn’t some task you can start performing on a daily basis. It’s more of a idea that would really help as you decide how and what to invest in in terms of your home.

Think, insulation:

  • Siding is insulated. Is your home properly insulated with the best material for keeping heat out?

  • Attics, crawl spaces, floors. Do they have the best siding available in them? Most homes will use the “pink stuff” rolled out in these areas but is it the best? With advents in insulation such as spray on foam you could be getting better energy values from newer products.

  • Insulated windows. Are your windows equipped with thermal glass that slows down heat infiltration as much as possible? Low-e, double glazed windows, with a good spacer system, foam filling, and even the use of vinyl over wood can cut down on how much heat is coming into your home everyday.

So think insulation. It’s not just going to keep you warm in the winter but it will greatly reduce the amount of heat coming into your home this summer.