The $189.00 Window Myth

You have heard the radio commercials and seen the billboards touting windows for $189.00. Is this for real? Answer in one word, NO. The sad thing is, it’s not even close. Here are the facts. The window they show for $189.00 is a vinyl window that uses a screw to hold the corners together. This is called a “mechanical” frame. This is inferior to the better windows that “heat weld” the corners. This forms a stronger and air-tight corner. Well, OK, a welded window from them is only an additional $20.00.

So for $209.00 you get a good window, right? Not really. The window comes with clear insulated glass. This window does not meet the current IRC codes for energy-efficient windows. Basically they are violating housing code with this window. To meet the housing code they would have to add Low-E glass. This is glass that reflects out the heat in the summer and keeps it in during the winter. Well, to add Low-E to the window is only $50.00 per window. OK, so for $259.00, you get a good window right? Not quite! You see, this window would not even qualify for the Energy Tax Credit. To achieve the energy standard for the tax credit would require a special insulation in the frame and argon gas in the glass. This is available for only an additional $20.00. So there you have it. A Tax Credit Approved window for only $279.00.

Unfortunately, we’re not through yet. This assumes you do not want or need to have windows that have the grids in the glass. Should you choose this option, it will run you another $40.00 per window. Not only that, this price is only good if you have wood windows and you do not want the exterior of the window to be clad in a matching vinyl material. This “Custom Exterior Trim” is standard with Atlanta Area Window and Door, however; with them it is an additional $60.00 per window. If you are replacing old metal windows you can expect to be charged the $60.00 also. So, now you are at $339.00 for no grids and $379.00 with grids.

Certainly this is it, Right? Almost, no price would be complete without the “Site Set-up and Disposal Fee” of $150.00. There is no such “fee” from Atlanta Area Window and Door.

So, here is the bottom line: If you need to replace 10 metal windows in your house and you think it is going to be $1890.00, ($189.00 x 10) I am sorry to tell you that you will end up being charged $3,540.00. This is $354.00 per window. A long way from $189.00. So, why would anyone want to do business with a company that is so misleading? Well, fromAtlanta Area Window and Door, all our windows qualify for the energy tax credit and we will not try to mislead anyone with “Bait and Switch” advertising. We will show you a variety of windows and try to find out which one best fits your needs. Call us today for a No Pressure consultation. 770-499-8894.