Photo Gallery

Alpharetta, Ga – November 2007

Vytex double-paned windows were installed in this home to replace the single-paned windows previously installed. We used vinyl windows with SDL grids from Vytex. The dormers above the front porch were custom built to replicate the original windows while providing these homeowners with no maintenance and still retain their home’s existing beauty and charm.

“The new windows are wonderful. We are enjoying the quiet of double-paned windows- what a difference! Your crew was excellent and the work they did was top quality. Thank you!” ~Laura

Alpharetta, Ga – February 2008

This home features the Softlite Imperial LS for all its replacements. It’s our top-of-the-line, most energy efficient offering. With ease of operation, the best insulation available, and no maintenance required, the Softlite Imperial LS replacement window far exceeds the single-paned windows that were previously installed.

“Enjoyable overall project. Will do business with you again!” ~Ken

Decatur, Ga – November 2007

This home had inefficient single-paned windows that we replaced with Vytex double-paned windows. The new windows increased the energy efficiency of the house while also adding beauty to the home. We’re proud of the way this home looked after the window installation.

“Steve did a terrific job. We’re enjoying our new windows!” ~Vernon

Alpharetta, Ga – March 2007

Where there was once rotted, inefficient, single-paned windows with ripped screens now sits delightful double-paned windows that will not rot. Beautiful, brilliant, efficient and allowing plenty of daylight, these windows make this home’s back porch a place the homeowner will enjoy for many years to come.

“We are very happy with our new windows.” ~Dave

Atlanta, Ga – September 2007

This large window replacement job included removal of a rotted wood window that was made of two parts. We took out the arch top window and replaced both sections with a single PVC window sash. The new sash is non-rot with grids between the glass and all the trim, sills and nosing are replaced with non-rot materials as well.

“All at Atlanta Area Window and Door Co. were pleasant to work with and eager to please. Their installer was professional, courteous, tidy, and above all meticulous and exacting to what he did. A real craftsman.” ~Marty and Naomi

Dunwoody, Ga – August 2007

We replaced every window in this home with Vista vinyl replacement windows. Each window features grids between the glass and capped brickmold. We replaced single-paned windows with energy efficient windows and will last a lifetime in this home.

Dunwoody, Ga – October 2007

In this home we were able to duplicate the style of the single-pane windows that we replaced by using SDL grids on the outside of the glass. However, we were also able to install replacement windows of the same color as the previous windows by using the Spectra Coat finish from Vytex Windows. These vinyl double-hung windows also had half screens and capped sills and brickmold to protect against any future rot.

Alpharetta, Ga – September 2007

As you can see in the center picture, this window had rotted wood and broken glass. We replaced the entire unit with a PVC window with insulated low-e glass. That way the window will remain rot-free and energy efficient.